So You’ve Grown Attached wrapped!

October 11th: wrapped principal photography on So You’ve Grown Attached.

One of the best props of the movie has got to be this amazing cake created by Mimi Bai (Production Designer) and Jen Overstreet (Art Director).


All the cast and crew signed it, and Madeleine Connor, our wonderful 12 year old lead took it home.

Good times!


“So You’ve Grown Attached” Kickstarter campaign launch


We have just 14 days to go to raise $10,000…..

So far, with generous donations we’ve raised just over 15% of our $10,000 target.

With Kickstarter we only get any of the money if the target is reached, so please donate, or share the link with people who you think can.


Thanks so much,

The SYGA team…shooting in asuburb near you in October 2012