PEN PAL at Glasgow Film Festival (Feb 2013)

Happy to announce that Pen Pal (directed by Brooke Goldfinch) is continuing its festival run at Glasgow Film Festival, having premiered last year at Edinburgh International Film Festival, and Cucalorus Film Festival.

PEN PAL to screen at Cucalorus Film Festival, Nov 2012

Very excited that Pen Pal will be screening at Cucalorus Film Festival this year, and both the Director (Brooke Goldfinch) and Producer (Isabella Wing-Davey) will be there to attend some of the screenings.

Pen Pal is screening as part of Bodak Shorts- dramatic

Thursday November 8th: 10.15pm @Jengo’s playhouse

Saturday November 10th: 10.30am @Jengo’s playhouse


Friday Nov 9th, 7pm @ City Stage

Saturday Nov 10th, 1.15pm @ Thalian Black


Pen Pal screening at Edinburgh International Film Festival

Pen Pal Screens as part of YOUTH SHORTS programPen Pal screens fifth in Youth Shorts Program

“Pen Pal” short film heads to Scotland

Pen Pal (2011) to screen at Edinburgh International Film Festival as part of the YOUTH SHORTSProgram on July 1st, 2012.

From Left: Brooke Goldfinch (Writer/ Director) and Isabella Wing-Davey (Producer)

Powder Room Films Producer, Isabella Wing-Davey, heads to Edinburgh International Film Festival

Isabella Wing-Davey delegate pass



Very proud to be heading to Edinburgh International Film Festival with the wonderful short film, Pen Pal, with writer/director Brooke Goldfinch.

PEN PAL selected for Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012