Powder Room Films Produced short film “37″ by Puk Grasten, expanded into feature film!

Thrilled that our very talented collaborator, Puk Grasten is making her first feature film!

“37″ based on the short film of the same name, which was produced in 2012 by Powder Room Films’ Isabella Wing-Davey premiered at Slamdance Film Festival in 2013, and starred Heather Lind and Lynn Cohen.

The short film was based on the murder of Kitty Genovese.


The feature film: Asger Hussain and Yaron Schwartzman of Game 7 Films are producing, Regner Grasten and Tove Grasten of Regner Grasten Film are exec producing. The film is co-funded by New Danish Screen, the new talent section under The Danish Film Institute.

 See the Casting information on Deadline.com

“37″ at VisionFest 2013

at VisionFest 2013

at VisionFest 2013

“37″ played tonight as part of a sold out screening at VisionFest 2013.

Both the director, Puk Grasten, and Producer, Isabella Wing-Davey, attending the screening along with the lead actress, Lynn Cohen.

Award for Producing for Isabella Wing-Davey @ First Run Film Festival 2013

Isabella Wing-Davey received a commendation for producing from First Run Film Festival 2013 for her body of work at the festival:

37 by Puk Grasten

Flood by Katy Scoggin

Beds Made and Sweaters On by Lee Manansala

Autumn Whispers by Charles Rogers



“37″ Q&A at Slamdance: Sunday 10.15am screening, Park City, Utah

Shorts 4 of Slamdance Film Festival

“37″ screened and was followed by Q&A with Writer/Director Puk Grasten and Producer Isabella Wing-Davey.

Puk Grasten (Writer/Director), Isabella Wing-Davey (Producer)

“37″ Director (Puk Grasten) and Producer (Isabella Wing-Davey) head to Slamdance

37 is playing in Shorts 4 at Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Jan 2013.

Mugshots were immediately taken of all the filmmakers as they arrived..

Puk Grasten (writer/director)

Isabella Wing-Davey (Producer)

37 is Official Selection at Slamdance Film Festival, Park City, Utah

We’re thrilled to announce that “37″, Written and Directed by Puk Grasten, Produced by Isabella Wing-Davey, will play as part of the LIVE ACTION SHORTS competition at Slamdance Film Festival in Park City in January 2013.

Last week, Grasten and Wing-Davey attended a reception for filmmakers at the Directors Guild of America, met some great filmmakers and festival programmers and DGA people which was a great way to get into the spirit of the festival.


See you in Park City in Jan 2013!

“37″ a short film by Puk Grasten WRAPPED

03/26/2012- principal photography wrapped, a great cast and fantastic crew.

Two half days and one full day in East New York. It was a smooth shoot and now we’re excited to get going with post-production: film’s at the lab and then it’ll all begin..





Happy to announce that we are fully cast for our next film “37″ A short by Puk Grasten about the Bystander Effect.

JACK- George Irving
FLOREL- Lynn Cohen
KITTY- Heather Lind
WINSTON- Korey Jackson
We are very excited to have such an accomplished cast.
Special Thanks to our Casting Director Matthew Messinger


Pre-Production underway for a new short film by Puk Grasten.

“37″ is a film about the Bystander Effect centering on an older couple who witness a murder outside their window.

Happy to announce that Jonas Carpignano (winner of Controcampo award at Venice Film festival for Achjana) will be the Director of Photography.