Not Hotel Art

A film by Isabella Wing-Davey

Documentary | 5 min | Color | SD Video | NTSC |4:3

USA/UK, 2012


London International Documentary Festival 2012

NOT HOTEL ART (2011) from Isabella Wing-Davey on Vimeo.


“Not Hotel Art” follows one project of a New York Corporate Art firm, as they pick and install art for a large media company in Philadelphia. It’s a wry look at the function of art in the workplace. What is the role of art in the corporate environment? How does it affect those who work in the spaces, and the nature of the viewing- is it valid exhibition if those working around it don’t choose it, and if they don’t look at it?

The central characters are those hanging the art: the corporate art advisers, and the office workers provide the comedy and the humanity.




Director Isabella Wing-Davey
Cinematographer Isabella Wing-Davey
Editor Isabella Wing-Davey
Executive Producer Anita Carey