Powder Room Films has four films currently in various stages of development:


FLOOD by Katy Scoggin
Sundance/Sloan Commissioning Grant recipient
Film Independent Sloan Foundation Producing Award 2013 (Isabella Wing-Davey)
Film Independent Producing Lab 2013 (Isabella Wing-Davey)

A daughter journeys to pull her creationist dad back down to earth.

Based on the short film, FLOOD (2013), made with the assistance of Sloan Production Grant, Fotokem Post-Production Grant, Panavision New Filmmaker Program.


For more information please email moc.smliFmooRredwoPnull@ofni with FLOOD in subject line.


THE RAIN COLLECTORS by Isabella Wing-Davey

In 1860 Vanessa Kentworth is searching for her way. What she finds is an unusual path; collecting rain, contributing to science, finding love, and proving that every contribution is valuable. Inspired by G.J. Symons and his “Rainfall Organisation”, this is the story of two observers finding each other.

Short film version (The Rain Collectors)- received Alfred P Sloan/ NYU Production Grant 2013

For more information please email moc.smliFmooRredwoPnull@ofni with THE RAIN COLLECTORS  in subject line.