A film by Katy Scoggin

USA/UK, 2013

Made with the generous participation of The ALFRED P SLOAN PRODUCTION GRANT

Awarded PANAVISION NEW FILMMAKER PROGRAM (35mm Panavision Camera)

Recipient of FOTOKEM POST-PRODUCTION AWARD (for developing and workprint)


Aspen Shortsfest 2013
First Run Film Festival 2013
Citizen Jane Film Festival 2013


Miriam is an out-of-work journalist, but she’s got a beat on a story that could turn things around.

The subject: her dad, Gordon, an evangelical who believes the fossil record derived from Noah’s Flood.

Miriam knows Gordon’s creationist views because he raised her to be one.  They don’t talk much anymore.  This American Life likes his story, though, and they want Miriam to interview.

But getting Gordon on tape is tougher than she’d thought.  Soon Miriam wonders if what she really needs from her dad might not be an interview after all.


Miriam- Rosie Benton

Gordon- Paul Klementowicz

Linda- Mary McCann

Director/Writer – Katy Scoggin
Producer -  Isabella Wing-Davey
Executive Producer - Jeff Wolk
Co-Producer – Sydney Buchan 
Director of Photography - Michael Rossetti
Production Design – Tina Romero
1st Assistant Director – Sarah-Rose Meredith

Production Company: Powder Room Films
In Association with: Hawk House Productions